GMB Air Conditioning and Ventilation Services Limited manufacture ductwork throughout the UK.  Our fire-rated ductwork is manufactured to the highest of standards by experienced manufacturers whom have many years of experience.

There is no requirement for our Thor Duct Fire Rated ductwork to be coated.

Thor Duct fire rated ductwork has been designed to cater for the various fire safety requirements within the building industry today.

The prevention of fire spreading through ducted systems is of critical importance. Non-fire resistant ductwork will maintain fire compartmentation and assist in the safe dispersal of hazardous smoke and fumes.


BS476 part 24:1987
BS476 part 24:1987 insulated
400 degree uninsulated test
Various ad-hoc client requests
Assessed for stainless steel construction
Tested with insulation to meet DW172 requirements on kitchen extract and smoke extract (multi-compartment)

Thor Duct is a complete system with fire rated access doors and fire rated silencers.

  • Thor Duct is a non-coated duct and comes ready for installation.  

  • Your receive with your delivery the necessary additional materials to ensure a complete system, proper seals and a safe installation.

  • Installers instructions provided in advance.

  • Fast installation with a robust product that doesn't chip and is suitable for building site conditions.

  • Multiple insulation options available.

  • Our product is easily verified after install for compliance with independently verified standards.  Part of the Warrington 'Certifier' quality system.

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Fire Rated Ductwork

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